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Oktal Pharma d.o.o.

Milorada Jovanovića 11,
11147 Beograd, Republic of Serbia
tel: +381 11 3467 100
tel: +381 11 3467 999
tel: +381 11 3467 032
fax: +381 11 3467 046

Oktal Pharma



"We shall always endeavor to keep up with the trends in modern operations and provide our clients with the best possible services in order to meet their desires and needs."

One old Chinese saying reads: "Even the longest journey starts with a small step". This is just the way in which Oktal Pharma d.o.o. Beograd started its journey eight years ago and thanks to a persevere and dedicated work of its dynamic team of young experts, it has become a successful pharmaceutical wholesaler. Fast social and market movements have set the guidelines for our development, but for us our customer comes first, since one of our starting points is that we can do business only if the customer buys the products.

For the accomplishment of goals one says that it is usually more important to be the first one than the best one. The same applies to the development of awareness of people in order to achieve your vision in the area in which you are not the first one to open it, and to communicate the enthusiasm to the team that you are managing. The measures of the values change, but the technological achievement enable us to have more time and be more creative, which is a must for our times. A person said once: "There is no crisis of ideas. There is only the crisis of implementation." In other words, only those who start implementing their ideas are going to survive.

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