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Oktal Pharma d.o.o.

Milorada Jovanovića 11,
11147 Beograd, Republic of Serbia
tel: +381 11 3467 100
tel: +381 11 3467 999
tel: +381 11 3467 032
fax: +381 11 3467 046

Oktal Pharma


Quality and environment management policy

The basis of the quality and success of OKTAL PHARMA lies in understanding of the market through marketing. This is achieved with the help of expert personnel, good financial management, optimal planning and flexibility of business.

The basic principles of OKTAL PHARMA company are:

    OKTAL PHARMA is open for business as long as the customers are buying its merchandise. This is achieved through the recognition and satisfaction of customers’ needs and desires, as well as by providing a better “value for money” than its competition.
    OKTAL PHARMA is educating its employees to be able to satisfy the customers’ needs in a better and faster way than its competition.

The long-term goal of OKTAL PHARMA is to develop into a strong, modern wholesaler that is ecologically friendly and capable of the highest achievements in the areas of trade, representation, market research and promotion of medicines and pharmaceutics, primarily on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

This will be achieved by:  

  •     continuous improvement of our services which is considered to be one of the top priorities for all OKTAL PHARMA employees
  •     regular monitoring, assessment and increase of the OKTAL PHARMA service level
  •     regular monitoring, assessment and improvement of the customers’ satisfaction level as the basic service quality measure
  •     continuous acquisition and implementation of the new working procedures and know-how management
  •     committing to a reasonable use of energy and natural resources  
  •     systematic monitoring and analysis of different aspects of the business environment while OKTAL PHARMA recognises its impact and, accordingly, sets and achieves goals whose aim is to contribute to the development of efficient and supervised environmental system
  •     continuous employees’ education and training.

In order to continue improving the relations with its customers and suppliers, as well as the internal organisation and the work of the company, OKTAL PHARMA intends to:

  •     continue upgrading the business quality
  •     continue expanding its business
  •     continuously increase the business efficiency
  •     continue reducing the number of customers’ complaints
  •     continue preventing possible ecological incidents.

We take into considerations the suggestions of all interested parties, including OKTAL PHARMA’s employees, customers and suppliers, in order to permanently improve the quality of our services and our attitude towards the environment. OKTAL PHARMA will continue to innovate and improve the quality of services, as well as to stimulate its employees and other interested parties to formulate new ways of improving its relationship towards the environment in order to achieve the highest possible level of customers’ and suppliers’ satisfaction.

The quality policy  is based on the international standards
 EN ISO 9001:2008.

In Belgrade  on January 01. 2015.                                                                                                  Director
                                                                                                                                                        Aleksandra Colic








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