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History – The early beginnings of MENTHOLATUM date back to 1800 and Kansas, US, where Albert Alexander Hyde started, by a lucky chance, to produce soap and shaving cream. Soon he launched Mentholatum ointment, a combination of menthol and petrolatum jelly, which gave the company its present name.

Business programme

Today MENTHOLATUM is oriented to the research, development and promotion of topical analgesics, products for muscular and joint pain relief. It is involved in all segments of the market of products that produce the sensation of heat or coldness, creams, adhesive patches, sprays, as well as currently very popular ibuprofen gel.

Mentholatum Inc. (corporation)

MENTHOLATUM Inc. trades in the whole world. Around 50% of its business is in the US, and the remaining 50% in the rest of the world. Today it is owned by Rhoto Pharmaceuticals Osaka, the 6th largest Japanese company, which produces adjuvant medicinal products.


MENTHOLATUM Europe is a company that manufactures products for health preservation. It is equipped to the highest standard and located in the green belt, 18 kilometres south of Glasgow, the business capital of Scotland. Its products conform to the requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP) in pharmaceutics, and it has many certificates of product quality. Most of its European turnover is realised in the UK, followed by Scandinavia and Central Europe.
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