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BioClin is a Dutch-based company incorporated in 1989 in Delft. Bio-active concept is the main goal of the company.

The company founders are Annelize Goedbloed, a Medical Biologist and Floris Coumans, a Strategic Manger. The bioactive concept is the main goal of the company. This is a new line of development of (para-)pharmaceutical products aimed at care and treatment. 
A bio-active effect is achieved by substances that stimulate, activate and support the natural mechanism of renewal of ectodermal tissues (the skin and the mucous), thus speeding up and improving the healing process, without having side effects. Bio-active substances - polysaharides are obtained from plants.
The main component of Bioclin products is 2QR complex, the extract of the plant called Aloe Barbadensis Miller. The extract has been developed and patented by the Bioclin Company. 2QR inhibits infections by its negatively charged polysaharides, so that pathogenic microorganisms cannot bind with and adhere to the tissue, they become blocked and discharged directly.

BioClin has developed a range of product groups:

• Multi-Gyn is the name of the group of gynaecological products
• Multi-Mam are products aimed at care of lactating women
• Multi-Oral is a group of dermatological products and products aimed at care of the oral cavity
• Multi-Skin are dermatological products. 

These products are marketed and sold in pharmacies of the EU and non-EU countries. More than 80% of the current production is comprised of products that are exported. BioClin is a member of the Orange Pearl Innovation Group.
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