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The So.Se.PHARM, the family-run pharmaceutical company, is an enterprising entrepreneurial and manufacturing company realty, growing along with the spread of the drug equivalent (generics) in Italy and in the World.

So.Se.PHARM Srl pursues its mission with competence, ethics and respect for the individual, the environment and the communities within which it operates.

The So.Se.PHARM markets generic prescription drugs with its own brand name (branded generics) either of common used and specialized;  branded OTC medicines and branded products for health care (Eva / qu) and personal hygiene (Floragyn) throughout the national territory (IMS data available) through the management of sales and distribution network of the drug (including direct hospitals supplies). The So.Se.PHARM is a member of the Italian association of pharmaceutical companies "Farmindustria" with which it shares and puts into practice the principles of the code of ethics, including the guidelines for the certification procedures relating to the 'scientific information' (2007 edition and updates).

Occurred and due to the impending expiry of important drug patents, the So.Se.PHARM relies on a great deal of growth in the years to come.

Foreign Activities

Outside national borders, So.Se.PHARM products are available in 43 countries through a network of licensees and distribution agreements with foreign companies. Internationalization is the basis of the strategic projects of the Group. The So.Se.PHARM is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to collaboration. The Italian partner within the European pharmaceutical industry.

The Group

The Pharmaceutical Industrial Group supports the production of their specialties as well as large-scale intermediate and finished products for other industries and Italian companies and foreign companies operating in the pharmaceutical sector;  directly employs more than 220 employees and has achieved a turnover that grants full membership of medium-sized businesses worldwide.


Our commitment as a pharmaceutical company brings benefits not only to patients whose needs we wish to satisfy, but also to all those for whom and with whom we work - our shareholders, our customers, our partners and our scientific and commercial employees.

The group through its robust portfolio of quality medicines accessible to all, gives you a valuable contribution to the stability of healthcare systems worldwide, ensuring considerable savings which can then be used to fund new therapies, more expensive, and thus promote the continuous renewal of the pharmaceutical industry

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