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Gerolymatos International S.A.

Gerolymatos International S.A., is an International Healthcare company based in Athens, Greece. We pride ourselves in being one of the most traditional, historical and well-esteemed family-owned businesses in the Greek healthcare industry dating back to 1923. We are focused in the development, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales of our own products in addition to those of our international distinguished partners.


At a global level we hold a wide network of affiliated companies, joint-ventures and local distributors, making our own products accessible to consumers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Beyond International markets, our company operates four distinct local divisions addressing OTC consumer healthcare needs, vision care, animal healthcare in addition to logistics services.

For nine decades, the name Gerolymatos has been associated with the health care and beauty industry. The Company's history dates back to 1923 when pharmacist Nicholas Gerolymatos opened a pharmacy in the center of Athens, Greece.

Guided by the values and philosophical convictions of the founder, the small family pharmacy business that employed three people in 1923, expanded to become one of the leading Greek companies in the health and beauty sector under the inspiring leadership of the founder's son, Panagiotis Gerolymatos. By 2008, the company had reached a turnover of ~€ 300 M and a head count of 1100 employees.

The greatest changes in the history of the company have occurred, however, within the last few years. In 2008, all activities of the Gerolymatos Group of Companies that were associated with operations within Greece were divested to a listed Greek pharmaceutical company. All International operations were excluded from the deal. Soon after, the company’s charismatic leader, Panagiotis Gerolymatos, passed away.

The new organization, Gerolymatos International, under the full control of the founder's grandson Nicholas P. Gerolymatos- has entered a new era with its focus on the expansion of its international operations...

Beyond International markets and in times of economic downturn, Gerolymatos International seized the opportunity and re-entered the Greek market in order to reclaim its leading position nationwide. By the second quarter of 2012, four distinct local divisions have been established to serve the Greek market:

  • Gerolymatos OTC- with a focus on Consumer Healthcare products
  • Gerolymatos Vet- focusing on Veterinary products
  • Gerolymatos Logistics- concentrating on warehousing and logistics services for healthcare products
  • Gerolymatos Optics- specializing on Vision Care products

Today, the company, headquartered in the northern industrial area of Athens, Kryoneri, having established a presence in several key markets through a wide network of affiliated companies, joint-ventures and local distributors, is keen on facing new challenges and exploring new opportunities in the global health & beauty business arena

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